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Natalie Baldwin

Mental Health Social Worker

Natalie Baldwin, LMSW is a skilled and experienced mental health social worker; she is a Licensed Master Social Worker in Texas, registered by CPAM, Cayman Islands, and part of the National Association of Social Workers, United State. Natalie specializes in trauma-informed care utilizing individual play therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy when working with at-risk youth. She is a creative, empathetic and effective therapy provider who uses a client centered approach while implementing expressive arts,  sand tray, and meditative modalities as needed.  She is also trained in multiple evidence-based therapy including trauma-informed care, systemic parent-child intervention, and attachment-based therapy. She is experienced in assessment and diagnostic skills, as well as specialized therapeutic approaches such as  Family play therapy (Adlerian style), child centered play therapy, and attachment centered play therapy.

Natalie’s areas of expertise include working with young people aged 3 - 11 years and across the adolescent period. Her focused client group has been at-risk youth and families with issues relating to homelessness, domestic violence, and complex trauma.  She is also experienced in utilizing Play Therapy and non-directive therapeutic approach when working with trauma survivor and families with interpersonal trauma, young people who have witnessed domestic violence and childhood traumatic grief.  


In her previous job, Natalie has created and developed a trauma-informed after-school program based on the concept of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this programmed is specifically designed for at-risk youth in the Cayman Islands with the Cayman Island’s Crisis Centre. Natalie is a passionate trauma-informed practitioner and the use of play-based intervention, she has devolved all her career working with families and young people at deprived areas who are at-risk. 

Natalie listens with her heart and believes every child has the right to feel safe, be seen, and has the right be heard.  


Areas of Expertise:

· Experience in working with evidence-based therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, attachment-base therapy, systemic parent-child intervention, child- centered play therapy.

· Experience working with youth and adolescents using trauma informed approach and trauma informed yoga.

· Experience working in a multi-disciplinary team in management of complex cases and high-risk population.

· Strong knowledge of different kinds of play and extensive experience in providing child-centered play therapy

· Skilled in working with children with Behavioral problems. 


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