Welcome to Aspire

Welcome to Aspire

Welcome to Aspire Welcome to Aspire Welcome to Aspire

Who We Are


Highly Specialised Psychological Services

Aspire is a highly specialist psychological health provider located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands and licensed by the Health Practice Commission. We offer psychological assessment, therapeutic intervention, mental health and trauma-informed services to the communities of Cayman. Our focus is on working with children and adults who have complex additional needs due to trauma, disability,  being 'looked after' foster children or care leavers and/or other differences. All of our experienced clinicians have specialist skills in evidence-based approaches. Our premises are fully accessible for persons with additional needs.


Our objectives

Our passion is to promote the well-being of individuals and families by working proactively in the community, by preventative practice, and by providing accessible client-centred psychological and support services. We are committed to quality mental health care provided in collaboration with our clients. 


Our mission

Aspire aims to support a population of children, adults and families who are often overlooked and under-resourced;  particularly those with additional needs due to trauma, disability and/or children ‘looked after’ in care. We aim to promote understanding, provide advocacy, and enhance emotional well-being through preventative measures and community education and training programmes. We understand the complex social, psychological, behavioural, and mental health needs of our clients, as well as the need for a collaborative approach from clinicians with specialist skills, expertise and competency. 

Our Services



This service is provided by licensed registered psychologists. Assessment aims to identify the needs of the client, through diagnosis and formulation which aids the understanding of the individual’s distress, and leads to clinical recommendations to enhance quality of life.

We offer clinical assessments, including: 

  • psychological assessment to understand emotional or mental health needs
  • cognitive and academic assessment to understand individual strengths and needs and to inform educational or vocational planning
  • specialist trauma-informed mental health assessment to inform professional and carer teams and intervention planning

And legal assessments: 

  • expert witness services
  • professional expert services
  • mental capacity assessment to establish an individual's capacity to consent or refuse consent to a particular decision


Psychological therapy

These interventions are provided by licensed registered clinicians. Interventions may be individual, couple, family, and/or group sessions. We work with all age groups and treatments are tailored to the needs of the individual, guided by an individualized treatment plan based on comprehensive assessment of the

individual and his/her family, if appropriate.


Care coordination

This is a service provided to those who maybe in a mental health crisis, children in care, and vulnerable individuals at risk. Care coordination is facilitated by licensed clinicians. Care coordination aims to establish a network of care around the individual, establish stabilization and safety, implement risk management, and ensure the needs of the client are met in the best possible way. Care coordinators attend multi-agency meetings, case conferences, and core team meetings as well as providing regular documentation to ensure clear communication between all care provid


Therapeutic/ Psychotherapy Group

Aspire runs various psychotherapeutic groups, all of which are licensed and copy righted, meaning that they are developed by experts in the field, with proven efficacy and effectiveness. It also means that the group materials are standardised and the group facilitators and/or supervisors are trained and supervised by the developer of the group, or are following a published manual and supervised by our consultants in order to ensure quality.

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Training and supervision


We provide in house training and supervision to all of our staff to ensure skill sharing, high quality service delivery and continued professional development for our team. Tailored contracted training and consultation are also available to other professionals/agencies. 

Community events


We are proud supporters of and contributors to various community initiatives, Non-Profit Organisations and charities including the Alex Panton Foundation, Guyana Foundation, Special Needs Foundation Cayman (SNFC), Special Olympics Cayman Islands (SOCI), and YMCA. As part of our mission to provide preventative work we are always happy to discuss partnering with community agencies. We commit to providing a percentage of all of our work on a pro bono basis; call us to discuss terms and availability. 

Making a Referral


Clients can self refer to our services by contacting us directly. Alternatively your current health or education provider, physician or general practitioner can make a referral on your behalf. 



Find out more about mental health and psychological well-being, trauma, disability, or caring for 'looked after', fostered or adopted children.

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