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Assessment & Specialist Assessment cognitive behavioral therapy


Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment is a process of testing that uses a combination of techniques to help arrive at some hypotheses about a person and their behaviour, personality, needs and strengths or capabilities. 

Neuropsychological or Developmental Assessment

Neuropsychological assessment is carried out to assess the extent of impairment to a particular skill or cognitive function and to attempt to determine the area of the brain which is affected. 

Developmental assessment is carried out to determine a person's developmental level across all domains of development: cognitive, social, emotional, motor, speech and communication, adaptive behaviour, and independent living skills.

A combination of these assessment types as well as standardised clinical measures are used to diagnose specific learning disorders, autism spectrum conditions, or current level of functioning in adults with intellectual disability, Down's Syndrome, or autism.

Trauma-Informed Mental Health Assessment

Trauma-informed mental health assessment offers a structured framework for (1) gathering information across several key domains of functioning, (2) identifying and addressing the needs of children and families exposed to traumatic events, and (3) coding and summarizing this information, so that it can be communicated to families and other providers. 

Found out why Trauma Informed mental health assessment is so important in this powerful video: 

Mental Capacity Assessment

A mental capacity assessment should be undertaken when the capacity of an individual to consent to a particular treatment or decision is in doubt.  Often this occurs informally with a clinical team, but sometimes a more formal assessment is required for decisions with significant implications or where there is disagreement about an individual's capacity.