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Dr Catherine Day

Consultant Clinical Psychologist


Originally from the UK where she trained at some of the most prestigious institutions, Dr Day has highly specialised skills, experience and expertise in working with trauma and attachment, intellectual disability and neurodevelopmental disorders including autistic spectrum conditions, genetic disorders, communication disorders and all additional needs. 

She is trained in various assessment measures, systemic consultation and clinical supervision, and therapeutic modalities including disability psychotherapy, systemic and narrative therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), Theraplay attachment-based therapy, and Keep Safe; using these approaches in an integrative way to work with the mind-body-spirit connection.   Her approach to mental health 'disorders' is that these forms of emotional distress are often an understandable and normal response to abnormal, extraordinary life experiences.  

Dr Day's passion is to advocate for and provide a voice to those who have limited power in our society, and to engage in proactive/ preventative work to build resiliency, reduce risk, vulnerability and exposure to trauma. She therefore provides systemic consultation to organisations such as schools, colleges, social services, day care facilities, adult training centres, juvenile detention centres, police, and Non-Profit Organisations. In this work she is able to provide a space for organisations and staff groups to reflect on the job they do and the clients they support, with the aim of reducing staff stress and increasing understanding of client needs. 


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